Healthcare Cash Plans Yorkshire | London | United Kingdom

Coverage For Routine Health Expenses

Healthcare Cash Plans contribute to everyday health costs such as opticians, dentists and physiotherapists fees, alternative therapy fees and a daily payment for time spent in hospital up to prescribed limits, depending on the level of cover purchased. One company paid policy includes an MRI scan and follow-up consultation. Company plans cover pre-existing conditions and are not age related. and are available from £1/employee/week. For more information contact Halcyon Healthcare Ltd in London and Yorkshire.

Company plans help to meet an employers duty of care by providing stress counselling and payment for eye tests for employees habitually using computers.

Some plans also provide access to discounts for a wide range of high street goods and employees can claim several times the cost of the policy to the employer. For example, for an average payroll increase of 0.25-0.50% an employee with a family could save up to £1500 per year!

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